Thursday, June 30, 2016

Wednesday 29th June 2016


Chores before leaving on our trip.
The ute was booked in for a service, but now needs warranty work done on it.
We took a few bags of things to Bertie & started the food stocking for the trip.

Then Geoff headed for John's after dinner, though he assured us that he wasn't going to try out John's new sauna with him! LOL!

More wacky art from the NGA...Can you spot the one that isn't ART!



My assumption that it was sensible having the ute serviced a week prior to leaving on a trip proved to be not quite right. It seems that an issue with the suspension that I advised Holden of a few services ago, and again today, has now finally been identified for rectification. The problem is that they can only fit the ute in again for the remedial work on the day before we leave. Why they didn't find the problem when I told them the first time I'll probably never know.

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