Saturday, July 30, 2016

Friday 29th July 2016


After a stunning sunrise it was a rather damp wander around the Bert Boardman Reserve looking for new orchids. We found several flowering Greenhoods, but none that were new.
I did find a Red Beaks which had buds on it, & when we return in September I'm hoping they might be flowering; if I remember how to get there!

We abandoned the wanderings in favour of the toasty warm fire; a good choice.

For a change we went out for dinner, to the local Anakie Store. We had arranged to meet a couple of Caz & Bart's neighbours. A couple of bottles of red wine & a huge meal made a good evening.

Pointedly ignoring me...
A tawny Frogmouth Owl
And just plainly ignoring me!
This doesn't seem to be a comfortable
way to sleep!

Our wanderings at the Boardman Reserve seemed destined to be quite brief, as we had not sighted any orchids after a few minutes, and I was about to suggest that a cuppa by the fire might be more interesting. But then we started sighting a variety of the orchid basal leaves, and spent the next hour or so wandering around in the cold and hoping it would not rain. The things we do...