Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Monday 18th July 2016


Geoff & I headed off to the Organ Pipes National Park this morning, near to Diggers Rest, about 70km from Staughton Vale. We had a hiccup in the trip when we spotted an escaped piglet from the farm across the road. We spoke with a neighbour, who contacted the owners for us! Not your usual everyday escapee!

The National Park was small with a steep downhill walk to the rock formations. The Organ Pipes, Rosette Rock & Tessellated Path were all interesting, though the sun was in the wrong place for some of the shots!
Sunrise from bedroom window

Panorama from the deck outside our window

More interesting clouds

Organ Pipes

And me

Rosette Rock

Not a grand place, but quite an interesting diversion, just next to the Calder Park Raceway.

My BBQ cooking skills came out when I managed to cook a very tasty split chook. I was rather happy with that tasty meal.

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