Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Monday 4th July 2016


Geoff had to drop the ute back to Holden for warranty work that needs doing. They said they need it for a couple of days, so Geoff was given a courtesy car.

After vacuuming & mopping through upstairs & downstairs in preparation for our departure on Wednesday, Geoff & I took more stuff to Bertie.

PS. More weird, wonderful & not so much of either photos from the NGA from last week.

The Blob-fish; it is endangered these days as it is often caught in
fishing nets & thrown away as unusable

This vase doesn't need any flowers!

We seem to be always mucking around with our vehicles. Today, at least, we were lucky enough to have a courtesy car while the ute was in getting done. There has been a suspension squeak for ages, and this time the mechanics actually agreed with me. Nice!

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