Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Saturday 16th July 2016


First thing this morning, Geoff & I sussed out the "metropolis" of Anakie, the one shop that is the fuel, food post office & pub!

Then we headed up to the Brisbane Ranges National Park on the Maclean "Highway", as in High Way, or high road up to the top! It is a narrow single lane windy rough & rocky dirt track.

My hubby was the hero of the morning finding many orchid basal leaves, & a new to me flowering orchid. It is SO good to have that 2nd pair of eyes scouring the ground, whilst I'm in the dirt photographing everything in sight.

Home for 3 weeks

Deckie relaxing at the house

Emerald-lip Greenhood -
Geoff's find of the day

Nodding Greenhood...My find, though not a new orchid for me

Lots of brownie points for me today. I can see why Varena wants a second set of eyes when looking for orchids: sometimes they are really hard to see, even when you are really close. That's my excuse.

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