Sunday, July 24, 2016

Saturday 23rd July 2016


Geoff & I had a "fun filled" trip to Angelsea Heath today!

Number 1: I spotted a white/albino Nodding Greenhood (quite a surprise).
Number 2: I managed to stab myself with a branch whilst excitedly trying photograph the orchid.
Number 3: Geoff decided that the underneath of the ute needed a really good clean, so he got us bogged in a rather deep hole!

The photographic proof shows me at the wheel but, I DIDN'T DO IT!

A first for me....A white Nodding Greenhood


Bugger. The only puddle with deep ruts we found after about 5 hours driving around this park. We had not intended doing any 4WD-ing, so had no recovery gear. Lucky for us a couple of dirt bikers came by, and one of them brought back his 4WD and winched us out.

I was lucky that the water was too deep for Varena to get out of the car, otherwise she would have taken a photo of me barefoot, in my jocks, attempting to extract the ute from this damned mud hole. That muddy water was bloody cold, so there would have been nothing to photograph anyway!

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