Sunday, July 10, 2016

Saturday 9th July 2016


Our travels today took us to the northern section of the Chiltern/Mount Pilot National Park, where Geoff excelled himself on the orchid spotting front.
My tally for the day was 4 definite different orchids in flower, with one more maybe, & several lots of basal leaves of different ones again!
I was well happy, & Geoff didn't even complain that lunch was late!

Nodding Greenhoods

Lots of orchids about to be blossoming into flowers

Dwarf Greenhood

Striped Greenhood

Dwarf Greenhood
Getting the shot!

This is called a "Rooting Shank" fungus! Truly!
In Latin; Xerula radicata. It stood about 25cm high.

One of the old mine dams close to Chiltern

More clouds than sun tonight


My dim wanderings in the bush worked out well again. Spotting orchids for Varena, and her enthusiastic responses to these finds, are what keeps me going out to look with her. If we don't find any orchids then it really does feel like a dim wander.

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