Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Sunday 17th July 2016


I headed into the National Park alone today. Geoff decided to fill his day with firewood, cats & AFL.

I headed to Butchers Road to the south of the park, revisiting places I have been to in the past where there have been orchids. I spotted many basal leaves, but it was well into the day before I found any flowers. There were 2 types of Greenhoods, then at the end of the day one tiny Mosquito Orchid stem with one remaining flower at the top!

Sunrise Day 3

View through our windows of the sunrise; with the blinds down

There are different plants flowering
in the bush!


Steiglitz Cemetery; one lonely 1860's grave amongst the orchids

Lichen/ Moss on the cemetery fence post

My new find for the day;
A Trim Orchid


With a block this size there is always plenty of kindling to be collected, so I did.

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