Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sunday 24th July 2016


We headed over to Ballarat today.

Erica had suggested that we check out the 321 Cafe at Learmouth, where Maddie is going to have her 18th birthday party, in September. Maddie's boyfriend Jack came with us, but Aaron was around at a mates place, & we didn't see him. Lunch was tasty & the cafe was popular.

This place was the first theme park in Australia -
It is 5km from the house, but closed for the winter

Pebbles (on the left) & Deckie (on the right)
hogging the best seat in the house


Well, it is six years since I finished work! Six years! How bloody lucky are we? We have done so much and been to so many places, meeting loads of people along the way. We have about a quarter of our old income, but ten times the fun!

Lunch was tasty, but it did make me think. There has been a trend for quite number of years to serve "open burgers". Whilst my food was tasty, it was really just a pile of burger ingredients served on one of these lately trendy wooden boards. What is it with that! A board! What is wrong with a plate? And it seems that having a wanky wooden board with a meal's ingredients on it means that you can charge a premium. They did. (No chips either. Double fail).

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