Saturday, July 9, 2016

Thursday 7th July 2016


Our touring day had us heading for the Chiltern/Mount Pilot National Park today. I chose the section close to Beechworth, with the first stop at the Woolshed Falls, which had heaps of water flowing over it. It looked great.

I found orchid basal leaves in the area, but no flowers.

We drove the Indigo Gold Trail to El Dorado, though we came up empty handed, finding NO gold. Then it was a yummy pie for lunch, at the Beechworth Bakery. Geoff was satisfied I think.
There were great views from the top of Mount Pilot. Geoff thinks he saw snow on the alps; that's as close as I want to get to it!
Sadly, we had no luck spotting the ghost fungus (it glows in the dark) that is in the forest around here. I think we are too late.

The quaint old village of Chiltern is heritage listed by the National Trust

This could be in the UK, apart from the outside letter box!

Archie & me!

Woolshed Falls

The creek along the Indigo Gold Trail to El Dorado;
it would be a great camping spot in the warmer months

Geoff's cleaning the car ...AGAIN. That's twice this year now!

The old & new bridges at El Dorado

Geoff on top of Mount Pilot


The Beechworth Bakery makes a good pie. Expensive, but good. Their pastries go alright too, although we gave the snickerdoodle a miss this time. It is over-rated. 

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