Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Tuesday 19th July 2016


Geoff & I headed to Enfield State Park, about 60km from here. It is actually closer to Ballarat than Staughton Vale. The weather in Ballarat was awful when we were there so I didn't go then!

I went wandering in the forest, whilst Geoff carried on up to Ballarat to the van. I had some success finding orchids, for types in flower, but many less basal leaves than I was expecting. Geoff returned & we wandered around some more, then returned to Staughton Vale as the rain came.

Emerald-lip Greenhood
Tall or Black-Striped Greenhood
Common Correa
Mushroom display


Our trip out had us stop/starting. We had decided to head back for lunch, but each time we gave up searching we found another orchid or thing of interest. Lunch was just before 3pm.

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