Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Tuesday 5th July 2016


It's our final full day in Canberra, & it's raining.

I went to Woden to pick up my processed film; there were pictures of Mum & Dad from our trip over The Olgas & Uluru in a helicopter, which puts the date of the film in 2007, I think. Also photos of our packing up the house in Darwin in 2010.... That's some gap!
I think I changed from film to digital in 2007/ 2008; so that might be why!

My final bunch of NGA
(National gallery of Australia) photos


It was very cold, wet, and I was in it. Varena had noticed that one of the van tyres looked a bit flat. It was low in pressure, so today it needed to be done - darn it! I also said my farewells to Dad, as we are off for several weeks traveling in Victoria. I am not as concerned about his health as I was this time last year when we went off to the UK. His health is not great, far from it, but he is fairly stable, so despite his ups and downs I am not expecting any need for an urgent return to Canberra. 

Holden are trying to be helpful but let me down again. I put the ute in for the remedial warranty work on the suspension and the leaky eye-level brake light yesterday, and today they tell me that Holden in Australia do not have any of the lights, so when they get one in I'll have to go back. Again. As it was, the suspension problem was a known issue. So without a recall, Holden were basically just waiting for people to report the problem, then they knew what needed to be done. Hmmmm. 

The car is great. The service people are seemingly trying to do the right thing. The corporate attitude = disappointing!

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