Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Wednesday 20th July 2016


Chris Lindorff, the local botanist & all round expert, came over today. He wanted to check on the Velvet Daisy Bush that flowers on this property, but we couldn't find any! 
He & I then headed into the National Park looking for orchids. We had a slow start, finding mainly basal leaves & seeding flower heads. But then we found an unexpected greenhood, which made us both happy.
I saw these White Tailed Black Cockatoo's
on Sunday...

These two seemed to be the guards of the flock,
warning the others that I was around.
When I started walking away they stopped making alarmed screeches

Nodding Greenhood

Red Banded or Banded Greenhood

Varena, Chris, and I wandered up the steep scrubby hill for about 45 minutes unsuccessfully seeking this Velvet Daisy Bush. It was only in the afternoon that we realised that the house owners had actually provided us with the GPS coordinates. Oops! Next time.

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