Saturday, August 20, 2016

Friday 12th August 2016


We headed for the Little Desert National Park proper today. First stop was the Yanipy Reserve, where Geoff found a couple of Greenhood Orchids. Then we drove down the "McDonald Highway", which turned out to be a heavily sandy, rutted track, which took us to Broughton Waterhole. This is supposedly a orchid hotspot, but we only spotted one Greenhood type here. But we also glimpsed a Mallee Fowl heading into the scrub; quite an endangered bird around here.

We decided to change our plans & head for the Mt Tooan & Mt Arapiles State Park, instead of risking the rest of the McDonald Highway, which had a very high chance of getting bogged!

Lunch at Mitre Rock was scenic.

More Dwarf Greenhoods, a huge Echidna, & a photo shoot with Archie rounded out our visit to Australia's top rock climbing area!

View across Broughton Waterhole

Lunch time stop at Mitre Rock

Mitre Rock

Mount Arapiles - there are 200 different climbs through these rocks

Melville Cave

Archie & me; with the view back to Mitre Rock & the lake beyond

Geoff keeping Archie warm

The McDonald Highway is a sandy track, where I thought we would get bogged several times. Luckily this white-knuckle drive was only about 10km each way!

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