Sunday, August 21, 2016

Friday 19th August 2016


We hit the road around 9am, with 380km ahead of us to get to Canberra. The drive seemed quick, with no dramas, just a couple of short stops along the way.

Bertie was returned to his temporary home in Monash, & we returned to Farrer with our stuff.
Steph, Andrew & the boys were already at Calwell when we got there, so it was a full house in Greg's room.

Geoff decided to check these potential bog holes before we ventured through them...
In the end we parked off & walked!

The Bettongs having a feed at the Little Desert Lodge

Me with the VERY friendly emu, George.


We were back and ready for lunch by 3pm. It could have been worse. We caught up with Mum and Dad and started to get back into the local groove.

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