Saturday, August 20, 2016

Saturday 13th August 2016


For our final day we had a walk around the Lodge Loop Trail, which is in the Little Desert National Park, abutting the lodge. We soon found orchids; three types: the much looked for Red Banded Greenhood, also the Emerald-lip Greenhood & the numerous Dwarf Greenhoods.

Later in the day we did a return trip to the Keith Hateley Reserve & struck gold (in my books anyhow)! A tiny flowering Spider Orchid & the Bluebeard Caladenia or Blue Fairies orchids. Geoff IS a LEGEND! Thanks a million hubby; no more dim wanderings!

Around nightfall we joined in the feeding of the native wildlife that are in the sanctuary. They are to be released into the conservation park once the fencing is deemed feral predator-proof. We were surrounded by hopping Bettongs, both Brush-tailed & Rufous (Rat Kangaroo), & a Bandicoot, all busily eating. The curlews were calling before being fed, & the Sugar Gliders, which were SO cute!

Our navigating Wombat - Archie

Red Banded or Banded Greenhood

Full plant & side on

The tiny flowering Spider Orchid- as yet I haven't found it's real name...
It's a Bow-lip Spider Orchid; new one for me! Thanks hubby!

The back of the Spider Orchid

Bluebeard Caladenia or Blue Fairy


It was pretty cool to be surrounded by rare-ish native marsupials on the evening feeding tour. And I'd found new orchids for Varena. A good day. I wonder how long before I say something and spoil it all...

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