Sunday, August 7, 2016

Saturday 6th August 2016


We were invited over to Chris & Mary's place for lunch. It was just a 5 min or less drive down the road. We had a lovely afternoon with great food, wines & conversation.
Before we knew it, it was almost 5pm! Where did that day go.

I had a belated Skyping session with Mum (I forgot it was today as usually we do it on a Sunday)!

The inside of crumbling Grass Tree
Mclean's Highway Grass Trees

Emerald-lip Greenhood -
Pterostylis smaragdyna or
Bunochilus smaragdynus
(depending who you talk to the Latin
names were changed but now are
back to the old name!).
I can't keep up!


We had a good old chin wag all afternoon with Chris and Mary. They were great company, as was Bob, their border collie.

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