Monday, August 1, 2016

Sunday 31st July 2016


It was a relaxed morning. We directed Lorrie to the right road home, & then we headed up to the range for a short wander; but didn't find anything new.

Geoff contacted Lorrie to make sure she got home OK, & she had.
I had another couple of hours wandering around after lunch, & came up trumps with a couple of Gnat Orchids in flower; I was VERY happy.

Lorrie & me

Lorrie & Geoff on the deck

Cyrtostylis reniformis;
Small Gnat Orchid

Me photographing Orchids....!
Not an elegant art form!

Lorrie and I had a good old natter before she headed back to the city. Apart from yesterday's detour I think she enjoyed her rural break.

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