Sunday, August 21, 2016

Thursday 18th August 2016


We were up & off from Ballan by 8.30am; early for us. It was about 350km to our next destination. It was a return visit to Chiltern, so that I could re-visit the orchid hot-spots from 6 weeks earlier.

We arrived at lunchtime & hit the Grand Tour drive before 2pm. Geoff came with me this time, & once again had his orchid eyes on. As well as the millions of Nodding & Dwarf Greenhoods, Geoff found a few Maroonhoods & Blunt Greenhoods flowering. Another worthwhile trip.

As it was our final night on the road we decided to have dinner in the village. We chose The Vine, mainly because it was the first one we came to, but it also had Australia's largest grape vine. There was a good selection of local wines & craft beers. Geoff was happy & I got to sit in front of a roaring log fire for dinner!

The setting sun on Lake Anderson

Blunt Greenhood - Pterostylis curta

Early Nancy                                                     Maroonhood

Huge colonies of Nodding Greenhoods through the Chiltern/Mount Pilot National Park

Australia's largest grape vine

The "old man" enjoying a Porter at The Vine Restaurant

Dinner with a lovely Shiraz right in front of the fire!

We managed to stop and stay at the first place we came to for dinner. Our discussions had included having a drink at one place, then checking a couple of other places, to decide where we wanted to go for dinner. But The Vine had craft beer and a fire, so why leave?

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