Monday, August 29, 2016

Thursday 25th August 2016


We had a quiet day & apartment/flat/unit with a view. Geoff did a couple of DIY jobs for his sister, & brought back eggs, bacon & bread to cook up for brunch.

We went to the Fawlty Towers stage show in the evening. It was an amusing show, with all of the best bits from the TV show brought together in a 2 hour show.

It's me & I'm here!

Moody night on the harbour

Before the show

Half time of Fawlty Towers

We missed out on a ride to the show in a Tesla, as when it turned up it could not take 4 passengers, only 3. I can see a flaw in Uber's app interface if you can't see how many people will fit in your ride until after you have ordered it.

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