Friday, August 12, 2016

Wednesday 10th August 2016


We had about a 280km wet drive today, to the Little Desert Nature Lodge, which was about 16kms south of Nhill. The place is enclosed with a high electric fence to keep the feral animals out whilst the conservation trust that run the place, re-wild the sanctuary with native animals; safe from foxes & feral cats.

We were allowed to remain; the only feral animals in the place, literally. The managers were away, so at sundown we had the place to ourselves.

Gum leaves & blue sky
View from the "helipad" at Staughton Vale
Looking towards the house

It appeared that we were worthy of being run off the road today. Within about 10 minutes of leaving Ballarat, two vehicles, one of which was a truck, had passed us in the right lane and then cut us off to take an exit on the left. They both put the wind up us! This sort of incident is why I bought a dash cam. I hope we don't need to, but if ever a vehicle hits us we could use the footage in our defence/insurance claim. The soundtrack may be a bit fruity (R rated) though!

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