Sunday, August 21, 2016

Wednesday 17th August 2016


We farewelled Dadswell Bridge today; we are heading slowly east, then north.

Our destination was Ballan, a small village about 45 minutes beyond Ballarat, towards Melbourne. It was only 180kms from Dadswell Bridge, so a short day. This meant I had the afternoon charging around the Brisbane Ranges National Park to check on the progress of the orchids.

I was rewarded with my efforts by finding a Blue Caladenia in flower, different from the Bluebeard/Blue Fairies we'd seen over at the Little Desert National Park. I was very happy.
Geoff had the afternoon off at the van.

Archie kept me company on this
afternoon drive

Blue Caladenia - Caladenia caerulea (Cyanicula caerulea)

On the way back I had a short stop at Fiskville.
This grand bunch of buildings have caught my eye every time I pass them

Beam Wireless Short Wave Transmitter Station.
Now the training centre for the CFA

My afternoon off, as Varena called it, was spent half under the van trying to work out why the van's filtered water flow is about half its usual rate. I was completely unsuccessful, so we still have a reduced water flow, despite the new filter.

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