Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Wednesday 3rd August 2016


Geoff dropped me at the Bungal State Forest, so I could have a look around for orchids. He went on to Ballarat to drop some of our things off at Bertie. We finish up here on Monday! The time has flown by!

My wanderings were, cold, wet & windy, with the only orchid sighted being the Nodding Greenhoods, which are quite common at this time of the year! Geoff collected a rather soggy me about 90 minutes after dropping me off, & we headed back to the house after a quick stop in at Bacchus Marsh for groceries.

After lunch it was Geoff's turn to get wet, as he tried to fix the reversing camera problem.

More looking up in the city -
there are heaps of cranes all over the skyline
This looks more like an American street scene!
Colourful MIT buildings
More old & new....

Leaving the city...This Ferris wheel has had a chequered life...& we still aren't
sure whether it is currently working or broke again!

It was a miserable day, weather-wise, and we were debating whether to just stay indoors by the fire. Varena is still keen to use what time we have left in the area to seek out orchids, so we decided to head out during what turned out to be a lull in the squally rain showers.

The reversing camera on the ute has been intermittently not working, until it recently fully stopped working. So, after traipsing around what seemed like 60 shops in Melbourne City yesterday I finally located a cable to turn my wireless reversing camera into a wired reversing camera. The process of this job, like many others that I attempt, is simple. But the actual doing of the job, using hands that don't fit into tiny nooks and crannies, whilst lying on my back under the car, in the rain, on gravel, make these relatively straight-forward jobs take bloody ages. The camera now works, but if I charged by the hour...

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