Thursday, September 29, 2016

Monday 26th September 2016


Geoff & I headed out on a grand adventure, though we didn't know it when we left in the morning. Morning tea & lunch on board, we went to the Wollemi National Park, on the other side of the Blue Mountains.

The bush walk was called the River Caves Canyon, supposedly a 3km 2 hour walk into a small canyon on the Budgary Creek (originally called the Buggery Creek!). There was a steady decline down into the gully, then a very overgrown “roo track” to the junction of 2 creeks. Left at the junction took you into the canyon. Then it was shoes & socks off for some walking through the creek. 
The water was B***** freezing. 
It was an interesting walk, but we came to a dead end. The water pooled & went into a small, dark cave, & we couldn't see any way through, so had to double back. It is meant to be a loop walk, but we think that maybe the water was too high, & we couldn't find the way through. Coming back through the icy water my feet began to spasm, & it felt like something was biting me...& yes I rushed out of the creek squealing! Geoff was laughing his head off!
Testing, Testing...phew no bogging this time

Pagoda-like cliffs on the track to the canyon

Geoff heads into the canyon

Looking back

Doh! No where to go from here (that we could find)

Well, that was a surprise. The track was very overgrown. The canyon was blocked. And the return walk out, of a supposed 1 kilometre, took 50 or so minutes. That was the hardest kilometre I may have ever walked.The unusually complicated 4WD route, with water hazards, added to the adventure.

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