Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Saturday 10th September 2016


Maddie's party day!

I helped Erica set up the decorations at the venue in Learmonth along with Tara, Neil & "Auntie" Barb. Erica had organised balloons, banners, candles, teacup plants, a lolly table, & tissue balls that hung from the ceiling, plus 4 large photo boards to be hung from the walls. It looked great.

The party was a hit, with plenty of food, drinks & games to keep everyone amused. It started at 4pm, so by 10.30pm everyone was done for the night! Though the party girl did go out into town after the party wrapped up.

Sara - Maddie's cousin, Orange Maddy - school friend from Rockhampton,
Birthday girl Maddie, Nick - another school friend from Rockhampton

Maddie & Maddie

Maddie & boyfriend Jack

The birthday cake

Maddie, "Uncle" Tony, "Auntie" Barb & Erica

Happy couple

Canberra cousins


Rather unusually for me I volunteered to be a designated driver. I hold a driving licence that allows me to drive bigger vehicles if needed. So, not knowing what bus was going to be available to hire, I thought I should put my hand up in case a normal licence was not able to be used. It turned out that a standard licence would have been fine, but I was happy to help out.

The party turned out great, with lots of fun, and only a few minor incidents of the sort that happen at these events (one bloke got drunk early and went home, and a girl dropped and broke a glass then cut her hand picking up the pieces).

Overall, a great event, and hopefully memorable for Maddie (though I don't think she realises just how much effort and money her Mum Erica invested in it all).

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