Sunday, September 25, 2016

Saturday 24th September 2016


We both headed 5 minutes down the road, to the bushland that surrounds the Springwood Cemetery. I had found signs of orchids there early last week & thought I'd go for a better look. Geoff decided to come too.

Whilst I was busy photographing the White Fingers I had found, Geoff was charging around the bush spotting Sun Orchids in flower! Yes, the first sighting for the Spring.
After lunch I headed to the Glenbrook Native Garden & for more Caladenias, Rock Orchids & Trim Greenhoods. It was a good orchid day!

Small Waxlip Orchid

Spotted Sun Orchid

Dusky Fingers - Pink

Dusky Fingers - White


I was pretty happy with my orchid finds, they always please Varena. After the first sun orchid find I found heaps more. But after a while I get a bit jaded with seeing the same ones, so I was hoping for another orchid variety to pop up, but no such luck.

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