Sunday, September 4, 2016

Sunday 4th September 2016


17 years with my darling hubby!!!

I went to see Greg at BUPA around 9.30am. He was snoozing but seemed happy to see me. We chatted away till just after 11am, when Greg's grand-daughter Sarah & friend Kimberley arrived. So I said my farewells & headed back to Farrer.

Geoff & I had a 3.30pm appointment in Googong, about 20 minutes away from Canberra. It was to see about a short 10 day house-sit for an “orchid man” I know. We had afternoon tea, & a chat about what they want us to do, & to show us around. It is a nice large house on 5 acres, with a heap of plants to water.

Spring Wildflowers


Apart from doing a few things in the garden, Varena has my day covered.

I occasionally thought how lucky I am not to have a huge hangover, as I would have had today if I was still playing footy and won a GF like I watched yesterday. Oh, I am an old bugger now!

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