Thursday, September 29, 2016

Thursday 29th September 2016


The rain & wind arrived through the night as predicted, though not to the destructive levels seen in SA yesterday, which saw the whole state lose it's power!

We decided it was a good day for staying inside. I have heaps of photos to sort, cull & label, so that will keep me busy.

Geoff went off to the local pub to have a few Guinness' with Mick.

A few pictures of the wildflowers that are out
in the mountains at the moment

Fraser's Boronia



Mat Rush Flower

Narrow Leaf Geebung


King Parrot on the window annoying Sophy the cat

The rain squalls had stopped in time for my walk up to the pub to see Mick, so it was just the gusty wind I had to contend with. A couple of Guinneii fixed any concerns, and Mick and I settled in for a couple of hours of yarning covering all topics.

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