Friday, September 9, 2016

Thursday 8th September 2016


Geoff & I did some running around for Erica in the morning; last minute things for the parties.

After lunch we headed over to Erica's place, so I could help her decorate about 130 cup cakes that she had made for her mum's birthday cake! Geoff entertained Aaron when he got in from school, & all the kids including Geoff just stayed out of the way whilst our production line was going!
We gave Maddie “The Book of Madison” that I had made for her, also the engraved champagne bottle & cuddly polar bear for her birthday gifts; she seemed chuffed with them all.

Small Caladenia...Geoff's find

Small Caladenia & Early Nancy's

A colony of Mayfly Orchids

Close up of the Mayfly Orchid

Leopard Orchid Or Spotted Doubletail

The first "Donkey Orchid" for the year

I stayed out of the way, as requested. If watching TV is helpful then I'm happy to help.

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