Saturday, September 3, 2016

Tuesday 30th August 2016


The warranty work was done on the ute, so we collected it after dropping Val at Calwell.

Both Geoff & I had dentist appointments, then some grocery shopping. All the exciting things today!

Fungi; still going strong in Tidbinbilla


Dentists. Just a check and clean racked up over $200 each today. Health insurance covered it all, but it is a very fine line between keeping the health insurance and dumping it, as it is such a rip off. The premiums are exorbitant, they rise above the inflation rate, not everything is covered, and what is covered is generally only partly covered, and even then up to an annual limit. The only reason we still have the damned insurance is in case something major happens that is not treated as an emergency nor under Medicare. Varena's glasses are expensive, which means we get some money back from the health insurance, but without the tax penalties and subsidies surrounding it, I reckon it is not worth having for most people.

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