Friday, September 9, 2016

Tuesday 6th September 2016


Our drive down to Ballarat was uneventful, though we did get hugged by a koala & Archie found a mate. The countryside was amazingly green, & nearly all the gullies, & creeks we crossed were full of water.

We cut across country so that we would miss the Melbourne rush hour around Deer Park, & passed some interesting road names. The ones I can remember are as follows; Pudding Bag Road, Watchbox Road, McNiffs Road & Stone Jug Road.

The BnB was ready, & empty of it's owners on our arrival, so we had the whole place to ourselves for the 5 days we are staying. We have stayed here before & it was lovely.

Geoff & Archie getting a Koala cuddle

My turn

Archie finds a friend...Molly from Malmsbury

Sunset whilst waiting at a level crossing

Our rural route was potentially a bit of a worry due to the possibility of kangaroos on the roads around dusk. I didn't see any, which was a good thing.

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