Friday, September 16, 2016

Wednesday 14th September 2016


The day begins with a bunged up nose, aches, & an “airy fairy” head. I manage to get more of the Blog Book entries done, plenty of reading, & general laziness in hopes of shaking this bug.

Geoff goes out for groceries, watches a TV series on Netflix, and plays nurse-maid, with cups of tea, tissues & drugs.

The day ends, quite uneventfully really. 
(Whilst the bug lingers the photos are not getting taken, so I'll put up more shots from Sovereign Hill).

The streets of Sovereign Hill

Geoff & Aaron heading for the old Bowling Saloon (Bowling Alley)


My shopping expedition was only a top up shop, but I noticed that the IGA prices soon added up to way more than I expected. We don't go to IGA much, and this trip just reinforced the perception I have of them, that they have less range and are dearer than others. Aldi seems to have the best prices, but limited range and strange labels. Oh well, I am not a loyal customer to any of the buggers and will go where suits me at the time.

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