Friday, September 9, 2016

Wednesday 7th September 2016


An early start was required today so that we could get ourselves to Steiglitz by 8.45am to meet Chris for an orchid wander. It was about an hours drive from Ballarat, & Geoff kindly came along for the day.

It was a good but busy day looking around; 13 types of orchids found, 8 flowering types, 3 types in bud & a couple seeding. I was very happy; Geoff found me several Spider Orchids & Waxlips in flower!

We joined Erica & the kids for dinner at her place. Maddie has a couple of friends from Rockhampton down for her party on Saturday. We all had a fun evening, which ended up with us all playing the card game “Cards Against Humanity”....what a cack!

More Blue Caladenias...I LOVE them!

The smaller & more dainty Dusky Fingers

FINALLY.... a Waxlip in flower.
There are SO many flowers coming but all buds 

This will turn into a very pretty Red Beak orchid..
I was really hoping that in the last 5 weeks it would be flowering....

When we left the Brisbane Ranges National Park
on the 8th July there were a few of these Small
Gnat Orchids in flower; now there are 100's

It was a long day of orchidising. Luckily I managed to spot some.

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