Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Friday 21st October 2016


After having breakfast at Rusty's Markets in Cairns with Hazel & Danny, we headed down the track towards Tully. It is only about 140km, but the Bruce Highway is mainly one lane in each direction with quite a few roadworks along it, which of course slows everything down.

We stopped at Innisfail for a look around, & some lunch, & got to Tully around 3pm. Julie, Chris, & Bruce the dog were very welcoming & we had the evening getting to know each other.
Rusty's Markets - Cairns

Johnstone River - Innisfail

View over Innisfail

There were plenty of these signs around but
we didn't sight a live one!

Tully's "famous" Golden Boot

Walking Bruce in the sugar cane fields


The drive south was quite pleasant, as was Tully. It seemed a little cooler than Cairns, but still very tropical. Chris, Julie, and Bruce all seemed fairly relaxed about our presence, and we spent the evening chatting.

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