Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday 28th October 2016


I finally got around to cleaning the inside of the ute, & did the Cruze too, when Geoff returned in it. How long the ute stays clean on the inside & the outside remains to be seen.

I rang 5 different people/companies/ACT Government agencies about the closure of the Caswell Drive Car Park, which accesses Black Mountain. No-one seemed to know anything... WTF!

We caught up with several shows that were recorded last weekend.

Friendly Curlews at the Tully house we visited

Geoff "toe-dipping" in the Coral Sea; he said it was pleasant

Panoramic of Tully Heads beach & the Tully River

It is always good to catch up on a few shows. And, Dad was finally given his new pain relief medication when I was visiting him! It has been so long, having him in pain, needing pain relief, and the doctors saying that they will keep trying the same failed methods, and that he can't have it until a certain time; it must be spaced out, they say. But they aren't the ones in pain being forced to wait!

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