Monday, October 10, 2016

Monday 10th October 2016


I had a quiet day with a trip to the mall at Woden.

Then I updated my "Orchids seen in Australia" list; Mum had asked last time we Skyped how many I have now seen. My tally is 194 different Orchids. Considering there are over 1300 in Australia alone I'm not very far in!
Broken down into states/Territories:
Victoria 75
NSW 63
ACT 49
WA 46
QLD 13

Obviously I have seen some of the same in the different states & the ACT! But I have a fair few still to find!

More flowers...I know, but NOT orchids this time!

The blossoms are still going strong


I dropped mum at Dad's place in Calwell then headed back to Farrer to do some tasks. First up was tackling a stripped thread on the van's hydraulic jack. The remedy was provided by the manufacturer's tech bloke, who rang to advise me to belt the crap out of the thread area with a centre punch. I was surprised when it worked!

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