Thursday, October 6, 2016

Monday 3rd October 2016


Our final day in Springwood dawned; Megan & Ike are due home in the late afternoon. We are staying over till tomorrow, but we have to sadly give ownership of Sophy the cat back today!

I met up with a couple of NSW orchid people for breakfast first thing today. They were very helpful with information of places to go to look for orchids.

Megan & Ike eventually got back around 6pm. There was a delay in their flight from New Zealand. We had drinks & dinner, & reluctantly allowed Sophy to give all her TLC to Megan! Though she did kindly share herself around for the evening...(Sophy not Megan!).

This Dragonfly was happy to pose for me


We'd already done a bit of cleaning, so there was not too much to do today. We even managed a short walk looking for orchids after lunch.

Megan and Ike are very social, as are we, so we socialised until around midnight!. Varena laid on a very tasty meal for us all - again.

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