Thursday, October 6, 2016

Saturday 1st October 2016


My final orchiding day out started early. I was awake, & so I decided to leave around 7.30am. There wasn't a lot of traffic at that time. The misty rain, was however, up & waiting for me as I approached Leura.

My expectations were high for seeing stuff at Hassan's Walls in Lithgow, but I was disappointed. I did find one new-to-me orchid, but only 3 types for the day's efforts.

We had drinks at Mick & Jacqui's place in Lawson, followed by dinner at the new Thai Restaurant; which was lovely.

"Flowering Moss"

"Hole Cave" - Hassans Walls

The new walkway to the Hassans Walls Lookout

The AFL grand final was a good game to watch. There was no way I was going out looking for orchids on grand final day.

Dinner with Mick and Jac, was once again, a good night.

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