Sunday, October 16, 2016

Saturday 15th October 2016


I had a leisurely walk on Farrer Ridge this morning. It was a warm sunny day with no breeze. I was very happy to find a few of the almost 40 Spider Orchids were open, plus a couple of Donkey Orchids too. It made the walk worthwhile.

We all went out for dinner, including the local sisters, to an Ethiopian restaurant in Pearce. The food was tasty; different, with just a touch of spiciness to it.

Thin-clubbed Spider Orchid

Leopard Orchid


Our evening out started with the idea that Mum does not go out for dinner much. So, we organised her and ourselves. Then we asked the locals. And all of a sudden there were nine of us dining at a place none of us ever heard of before. And it was good!

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