Saturday, October 29, 2016

Saturday 29th October 2016


I had a wander down at the lake today; checking out the Contour 556 art exhibition.

Then I returned to the Farrer Shops, where they were celebrating their 50th anniversary. Greg had expressed an interest in attending, so Geoff made it happen.
Greg seemed to have a good time, & then we returned to Farrer, with Geoff pushing Greg back to the house in the wheelchair; a bumpy ride for Greg & muscle work out for Geoff.

Farrer Shops 50th Anniversary Party

Geoff found the sausage sizzle pretty quickly

Enjoying the party

Stranded on the footpath...

....No not really!

Dad started the day saying that he wouldn't make it to the Farrer Party at the Shops. But after a short while he had changed his mind. The logistics were sorted out quickly and off we went.

I think that the new pain management drugs are helping, as Dad has had more "with it" times and just seems to be more like his old self. 

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