Sunday, October 9, 2016

Saturday 8th October 2016


I had planned an orchid free day, but it was not to be!

Tony had given me the email address of a lady who lives in Farrer & regularly walks around Farrer Ridge. She knows where all the orchids are. Well, she returned my email, & after talking with her we arranged to go up after lunch. She showed us lots of orchid sites; several areas with flowers out & more with buds!

So I now have another place to add to my list of places to return to in the coming weeks.

Pink Fingers - Pterostylis carnea on Farrer Ridge

Swan Orchid (Hymenochilus cycnocechilus)

I had not been up on Farrer Ridge since I was a kid. In fact I didn't even know that it was called Farrer Ridge then. It just used to be "the bush behind so-and-so's house".

Julie was very helpful, and friendly. I am sure that Varena got a lot of valuable orchid info during the afternoon. But a memorable snippet Julie mentioned was that a truck hit her house just before it was finished being built. I looked it up online and found an article from 1971, and there is even a grainy photo. She has an unusual claim to fame.

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