Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sunday 16th October 2016


Geoff brought Greg back from the nursing home for lunch today. It was good to see him back at the house again. Val produced a tasty tomato & cheese soup with cheese muffins.

I headed out for a couple of hours with Julie to Mount Taylor & Wannissa Hills. We were searching for the Purple Donkey Orchid on Mount Taylor, but had no luck on that front. We did see a few other orchids, but nothing new. Then it was on to Wannissa Hills; there are signs of Donkey Orchids, Sun Orchids & a single Spider Orchid in bud. In some ways I wasn't too disappointed, as it was so windy. Any photos I took would have been blurred.

Fungi on Farrer Ridge

The wildflowers on Farrer Ridge

Blooming Stackhousia


The logistics of getting Dad back to Farrer are rather simple. It just needs a little forethought. The wider family makes more of an effort to visit when he is at home, as there are no restrictions on noise and numbers. Whereas the nursing home is not very appealing as a venue for 18 people, including three 3 and unders! I think he enjoyed it, despite the mental toll it takes on him.

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