Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Sunday 23rd October 2016


We had a quicker trip back to Cairns. Being a Sunday the roadworks weren't “working” today.

I suggested doing the tourist thing of walking around the Esplanade, & Geoff bought ice cream! It was a warm sunny day so we didn't linger too long in the sun.

We found a great little “beach shack” cafe called Strait on the Beach at Holloway's Beach for a fish & chip lunch. It was less than 500m from Carol's place, where we returned for our final night.

Carol & Hazel were entertained with our Blog Book for the afternoon, then it was out to dinner in town; which rounded up our short trip to far north Queensland nicely.

Tully Head Beach

On the beach

Cairns Esplanade

Yorkey's Knob Beach


Our evening out was a mixed bag. I'm sure that Carol liked the idea of going out rather than organising food at home, but the kids were a test of her patience. Apart from kids misbehaving all was fine. Then it was back to Carol's for a nerve-soothing adult beverage.

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