Sunday, October 9, 2016

Sunday 9th October 2016


My plan was to check out the Tuggeranong Homestead Markets, but apparently it was cancelled due to waterlogged grounds! There were no signs or info on the website, plus the gates were open... The owners of the place got a shock when I turned up asking about the markets!

So I spent almost 3 hours with Greg at the nursing home.
For lunch Geoff & I, along with Daniel, headed to Rose Cottage for a few drinks & pizza.

Geoff & Daniel at Rose Cottage

A few of Tony's "home grown" orchids

Hybrid Sun Orchid

Another Tony home grown hybrid orchid & his 45 year old Wisteria

Tony on Black Mountain - getting down to the orchids height


After taking Mum to church etc, it was down to Rose Cottage for a late lunch. Despite the long wait, lunch, pizzas all round, was very good. Though we had to move from an outside area to inside, as some clot thought it was summer (not me!).

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