Thursday, October 27, 2016

Thursday 27th October 2016


Geoff came out with me to Aranda Bushland for a short walk. I wanted to see if some of the orchids that were budding last week had flowered yet; they had.

We found two types of Beard Orchid flowering: two different Sun Orchids in flower, also lots of little Finger/Cap Orchids, Donkey & Waxlip Orchids going well too.

Sun Orchid

Musky Caps - Caladenia moschata

Purple Beard Orchid-
Calochilus platychilus
Mountain Beard Orchid-
Calochilus montanus

Albino Musky Caps

Large - Spotted Sun Orchid - Thelymitra juncifolia


Well, I was put in my place and given a lesson on the difference between the Purple Beard Orchid and the Mountain Beard Orchid. The difference is clear to me now, but when I was pointing them out to the boss, it was not so clear. I earned only a few brownie points today.

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