Thursday, October 6, 2016

Thursday 6th October 2016


Armed with a mud map from Tony I headed for Mount Majura this morning. I was looking for the Canberra Spider Orchid, & YES I found it! I was very happy. I also found 5 other orchids in flower.

Next stop was Mulligans Flat, where there are heaps of Golden Moth Orchids in flower, & one solitary Leopard Orchid too. The wind seemed to be picking up, so I returned to Farrer, with another heap of photos to sort through.

My first stop for the day

I was very happy to find these Caladenia actensis -
Canberra Spider Orchids

Lots of these Diuris pardina (Leopard Orchids)
around the Mt Majura Nature Park

Paper Daisies

Several Hymneochilus bicolor (Black-tip Greenhoods)
around the Diuris pardina

Lots of Diuris chryseopsis (Golden Moths)
out on the very wet Mulligans Flat Reserve


I managed to finish the mowing of the Farrer yard. It is quite a large yard, and the grass was rather long; and a bit wet. I managed to work up a sweat despite the moderate temperatures.

I had a couple of errands to run and then... WTF!! TWO Santas outside the DFO at Fyshwick! This is way too early. Obscenely early. Bastards.

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