Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tuesday 18th October 2016


With the orchid hunters from Sydney in town for a couple of days I had the morning out at Aranda Bushland with them (Jan & Margaret), & the local expert Cathy. We found at least 8 different types.

Then we moved across to Black Mountain, where there were a further 6 different ones, plus many of the same ones as at Aranda. It was a good but windy day... not great for photos of tiny flowers!

Musky Caladenia

Calochilus montanus
Mountain Beard Orchid

Chiloglottis trapeziformis-
Diamond Ant or Dainty Bird Orhid

A pale Brown Beaks -
Lyperanthus suaveolens

Purple Beard Orchid - Calochilus platychilus

Lemon Caps - Caladenia cucullata

I did the usual transport and odd jobs.

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