Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tuesday 25th October 2016


A routine day with washing, visiting Greg & Blog catch up for us today.
We even managed to get our tax sorted out; finally.
I'm even getting a tiny tax return!

Tropical Flowers

Cannonball Tree - Couroupita guianensis

The South American Cannonball Tree
Large Purple Orchid - Spathoglottis plicata

Golden Orchid - Dendrobium discolor


It was good to catch up with Dad again, even though it has only been a few days. Our visit was interrupted in a good way; a specialised pain management nurse coming along announced. But she thought she was late, so I guess someone made the appointment without telling Dad or the family. Hopeless communication again. 

We had been trying to get someone like this nurse to see Dad for about 9 months! But until now all the experts thought that they knew better. Only time will tell if there is any improvement, but at least the "experts" have stopped banging their heads against the wall by repeating the current failed pain management regimen. 

Tax. Bah! I had some different things to enter on my tax this year but could not work out where to enter the information on the you-beaut tax web form. So after asking last week and being sent paper copies of the forms, I asked the tax online chat service people for a touch more info and was told the complete opposite of what I was told last week! Luckily for me, whilst waiting for the online chat person to respond to one of my questions I actually managed to work it all out for myself. Which was rather fortunate, as I was soon rudely disconnected from the chat by some stuff up at their end. This was all a fairly simple process, made a lot harder by a lack of instructions, and then by poor information from the tax chat people. Ugghh! At least it is done now. So I then helped Varena do hers and it took just 10 minutes.

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