Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Wednesday 12th October 2016


My plan today involved going Mount Painter & Aranda Bushland, on another orchid search. There were plenty out, but I didn't find anything new. I found 6 flowering types, 3 more types in bud, & leaves for 2 other types which flower at other times of the year.

Geoff had returned to the house after going with his parents to the hospital; Greg had an appointment there. He was battling to get his tax sorted out, & not having much success.

Black Mountain Leopard Orchid

Vivid pink Dusky Caladenia

Pale Pink Fingers

Fringed Lily

Gully on Mount Taylor

Commonwealth Park Pond

Across the pond & the lake

Tax. What a crap time of year. The stupid online tax system could not tell me where to enter certain details. Really? In the end I used the Tax Office's online live chat, and stymied them. Then, on the third attempt, after time outs and other stupid web site issues, I worked out for myself from continued research, that I may need "The Supplement". All the tax people could tell me was that I was right, and that they would post me the paperwork to fill in and post back. Really? With all the hype of getting it all online: to use myGov and myTax etc, and the online system and the online help staff could not tell me that a paper supplement still existed, and that I would need it! I hope it gets better next year.

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