Thursday, October 27, 2016

Wednesday 26th October 2016


Val & I had a trip into Civic today. She was on the hunt for some special shoes, so it gave me the chance to have a look around too. I nearly "came a cropper” on the travellerlator/escalator coming out of the car park, as I wasn't watching where I was going, & took the “up” one instead of the “down” one! Didn't I feel like a twit! But luckily there was no one around the witness my “brain-fart”.

After an early lunch, I headed out on the orchid hunt; well it was a revisit for two of the sites I went to. My shots of the rare orchid in Hall weren't great last week, so I thought I'd try again. Also, at Gungahlin Hill, I wanted to see if there were any Beard & Sun Orchids out. The final stop was a new one: Frith Road. I found lots of flowering types here, & the day was quite successful.

The photos today aren't of orchids for a change!

So many usually dry creeks & gullies
flowing with water this year

Colourful Caterpillar

Swainsona recta - A rare pea

I zoomed about getting Dad's wheelie-walker sorted. Last night the other brake cable handle assembly had failed. It was the left one a couple of weeks ago, which was repaired. But this time it was the right one. And the bint at the shop we bought it from only 6 months ago crapped on about how she shouldn't be replacing this, as it was probably Dad's over-zealous application of the brakes that made the steel cable snap, but she would this once, etc etc. I let her finish her rant, thanked her for the new wheelie-walker, then walked out. It was her choice to replace old for new rather that do a repair. She was just venting, I know. But telling me that an 83 year old bloke who weighs a whisker over 60kg has been too tough on a purpose-built apparatus was just bollocks. We still have 6 months warranty remaining, so she had better hope that Dad does not have Weeties for brekkie!

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